Don't moderate an uploaded image until you press create/update

As a Roblox developer, I find it irritating that you can get moderated for something you never chose to upload.

I was uploading an image for a devproduct, and I accidentally pressed a wrong image with sensitive info, and it uploaded it onto the website without my consent, I got moderated even though I pressed cancel.


This makes me especially angry how Roblox moderates things for something I never authorize. Most of the time Roblox doesn’t give any leniency for any accidents nor do they give a warning that you’ve uploaded something.

I’m asking the Roblox web engineers to respect the choose file button. Developers shouldn’t have to live in constant fear of making an accident and treating the choose button to be an automatic upload button that can get you moderated even if you pressed cancel. They should add confirmation prompts, or the title of OP says,

Don’t moderate an uploaded image without authorization of upload.


That’s wild that they did that… I can’t imagine anyone would think moderating before hitting “submit” is a good thing, I wonder if this is just a glitch in the system at the moment where material is sent for moderation before actually being uploaded.


Are you sure that’s right? I just watched network traffic while creating a new developer product and then cancelling it – does not seem like it uploads the file anywhere when you cancel. (EDIT: I missed something, looks like the image does get sent when updating a dev product)


What do you mean by file- Did you upload an image?

Strange how Roblox still moderates me for that.

I think I selected an image to update an existing instead of creating a devproduct.

My apologies, I just tested again for both updating and creating a new developer product using fiddler this time and it does look like the image gets sent.


Adding on to this, wouldn’t Roblox actually do better by not moderating image updates before they actually go through by user request?

That’d probably already remove a huge amount of images to be moderated that would otherwise never be uploaded. Most likely, not having content be moderated before it is actually created / updated, would end up actually speeding up asset moderation and reduce the work load by a lot, considering a lot of people often misclick, update their asset before uploading while being near upload, or even just selecting a file and then deciding for another instead.