Don't move threads from Development Discussion to Roblox Discussion

As a regular user of the forum i find it unfair that off-topic threads in #development-discussion that are more suitable for #lounge:roblox-discussion get moved to the latter.

It is unfair to the op since they can’t see their own thread anymore, they can’t engage in further discussion or they can’t change their mind or anything like that.

It is also unfair that members can cheese their way into #lounge:roblox-discussion by just deliberately posting in #development-discussion because they know it will get moved. While sometimes even flagged topics still get moved over, at the end editor+ are giving what the members wanted which was to get their topic in #lounge:roblox-discussion.

This behaviour actually incentivises off-topic posting and puts a bad example for members since they will believe this is the way to get their posts there, when the natural way is to make contributions to get promoted to regular so you can actually get access to #lounge and just post there directly.

So can topics there just be flagged for moderation and not moved over?


I think there should be at least a plugin that allows you to see your own topic that has been moved but not any other lounge topics.

I had suggested this in another topic, although the response i got was that it wasn’t feasible, so the better solution would be to just not move them. Less work for editor+, and teaches members what to not post.


This is part of the reason why I originally proposed that the Lounge category either have its permission level pulled down or in some way developers are able to make conversation about the platform. These threads are getting moved because they belong there, even if they can no longer see their post.

I do not think that members are intentionally trying to cheese their way into the category and you can’t make that kind of a positive assumption either. The idea that members are intentionally trying to cheese into the category is speculative and unsubstantiated, so it’s not appropriate to be ridiculing members of something they aren’t actively doing. Some may be, but I’m sure this isn’t intentional to level as a generalised statement of what is occurring.

Threads will still be flagged for moderation if they aren’t a right fit, however I do not do this for active discussions that may have value to other users. Threads are still a public resource regardless of who they’re posted by and I don’t find it making sense to flag the thread just to have a Regular repost it with their own access into the Lounge category if they so choose.

It’s also worth noting that a good amount of the cases this happens in are a result of either being told that something better fits in Lounge or to follow feedback that has previously been given via this category (e.g. a group of posts being moved to Lounge sets forth the precedent that similar threads following that criteria should also be moved).

Feel free to challenge my stance.

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Or maybe #lounge can go. I wouldn’t mind too much. It is legacy any way and is off-topic to the entire developer forum. I don’t wanna see rants about Roblox moderation or anything like that anymore.

I also defended them in a way:

In this last quote right here, I am saying some members might just learn that way, not because they necessarily always have been and always will be malicious, they might genuinely think this is the flow of forum. So I am sorry if there was a miscommunication, and if I could word it better so it doesn’t sound this way, let me know but let’s be real it has surely happened.

Overall my point has been it isn’t the right thing to move topics over, so naive members can learn that posting a general Roblox discussion thread in #development-discussion isn’t the proper way of getting it into #lounge:roblox-discussion, but by making consistent contributions to the point of regular promotion and post there directly if the category even still exists. Seeing the current trajectory of the forum from my point of view #lounge might even be removed.