Don't uncopylock the entire version history of a place

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Current behavior:


Desired behavior:



The current behavior isn’t documented clearly enough and causes unnecessary risk. I cannot think of a single case where a developer would uncopylock a place just so people could download the previous versions of that place.


I do think that the behavior should be documented more, but I see no reason to fix/stop it. Its very uncommon for places to be completely overwritten with something entirely new, much less the entirely new thing chosen to be released and even much less likely that people will look through version history.


Have to agree with Vine here. While I’d absolutely add more information on the fact that users can access any version, I can’t think of any cases where this behavior has caused a problem… Or even been used much at all, really.

The most I’ve ever seen it used for is my own specific use case, where I used it to gather a bit of info on older versions of Roblox Battle, along with searching through an uncopylocked place on the EH’14 development account, which lead to a VERY early version of the first map!

Only actual case I can see uncopylocking being an issue is developers who leave swears as things like values in scripts, where the normal user can’t see it, then thinking that users will not see those swears by cleaning them up before uncopylocking. Even then, though, I don’t think there’s many users going back several versions to look for one to say a couple crude words.

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The potential issue is that, besides from an entire game being leaked, sensitive information such as different access tokens or passwords could be leaked unintentionally from previous versions of the place.

I do have to agree that perhaps increasing documentation would be a better alternative though.

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