Don't understand how advertising/sponsoring can be profitable

I have made a game (link below) and I’m currently in the process of trying to make it popular and hopefully profitable.
The only simple way to get players to play a new game seems to be advertising and sponsoring, I have been experimenting with ads and sponsors and gotten about 860 visits in total, spending about 1k on sponsors and 2.4k on advertisements.
Right now, having some ads/sponsors running, I am getting about 2-4 players playing the game at once, the currently running ads cost me about 1k robux.
And the game has not made any robux (except for a premium payout of 4 robux). That is not a good investment.

To keep some player count, I’d need to keep advertising, but each time I advertise I will lose mroe robux than I can make.
I don’t really understand how games can profit from advertising, the cost per play seems to be so much higher than what the player can “make back”.
What an I doing wrong? :sweat_smile:


when you advertise highly and your game becomes popular, profit will come with players

-me, 2021


There are two key things to consider.

  1. How long do your players play? You want average play time high. Keeping players in servers longer helps build momentum for activity growth in the game. If average play time is low then figure out why and solve the problem.

  2. Ads are best used when you can afford to take a big loss. Most successful people who relied on advertising lost a lot at first but had the money to keep pumping into ads. That builds momentum needed to get your game profiting. Players spend money in games that are active and popular.


My average play time on the days I advertised the most was about 6-7 minutes.
And I guess I can afford a big loss, I have about 80k right now. How do you suggest I spend this robux? How much per day? How many days?

I’d recommend just doing 5,000 robux daily so you can make it last over a long-period of activity. What you need is to build up core players over time. But before doing this you should look at what new players do in your game and what they don’t do. Solve the problems. A lot of new players don’t understand your game and will just leave quickly if it’s too confusing or doesn’t appeal to them. Games that give them action right away and keep it going tend to do the best.