Don't want to give personal information to Ads Manager

I never give any information that can be tied to real identity in any website or app (including payment.)
Now Roblox changed things I want my projects to be visible when I publish them while I can always use youtube and other video platforms (and Discord to some extent) to build a loyal audience it takes long time and I don’t have time for this all I want is grab some robux and pour it down in Roblox ads.

Thing is this annoying thing called ads manager requires providing my legal name and I don’t want to do this and It’s against the law and probably Terms of service to provide a false name so I can’t do this.

The minimum robux is 2850 (to get 10 ad credits as a minimum, why even have a minimum? Can’t it be just 1)

User ads are getting removed in May 28

What are other alternatives? Create a group and get another person advertise the game on my behalf?



You can pay for ad credits with Robux, fyi.