Donut Bakery Life: Chapter 2!

Hi there, thanks for checking out this post.

From February and onwards, I’ll be working on a completely new concept for Donut Bakery Life that’ll allow customers to buy donuts from your bakery, instead of the current tycoon idea. The main reason for this change is that with how DBL (Donut Bakery Life) is currently designed, it’s very difficult and time-consuming to incorporate my own vision into the game, as well as the awesome ideas that people have suggested. With the new concept, it’ll be a lot easier to add new, unlockable content to DBL to give the veteran players a more rewarding experience for their time in-game, instead of making the gameplay repetitive.

With that being said, I’d like to share a couple of things that are currently being worked on.

:desert_island: A new donut paradise

  • New donuts to make
  • New bakery to build
  • New islands to explore

:raising_hand_man: New NPCs

  • Animated bakers to work in your bakery
  • Customers will visit your bakery to buy donuts
  • Gain money and EXP in-game by selling donuts

:red_car: Improved vehicles

  • Engines will be a lot more stable
  • Better vehicle controls for console and mobile/tablet devices

:floppy_disk: Better saving & loading system

  • Data backs ups - Datastore2 is used for saving and backing up data


What will happen to my data?

There’s been a lot of thoughts on the best way to handle this. There’s no easy to migrate a player’s data when all of the contents are different. Though what I have in mind currently is that once the new concept is live, when a player joins they’ll receive the total amount of money they’ve earned during their lifetime in the previous game. This money can then be spent on anything they want in the new game. I’m open to any other suggestions though! :slight_smile:

Why not make Donut Bakery Life 2 instead of updating the current one?

I don’t plan on adding new content to the current game, except for bug fixes, as my time will all be spent on developing the new concept). So I don’t think it’s fair for people to be spending Robux on a game that wouldn’t have any more updates.

When can we expect the release?

As I currently have a full-time job outside of Roblox, and the only free time I have will be during the evenings or on the weekends. Because of this, the new game will likely take a couple of months.

How can I suggest my ideas or contact you?

Feel free to DM me on Roblox, or post your suggestions on the Pentatonic Games group wall. You can also contact me on Twitter @PentaDev

Thanks again for reading, and I’ll try to keep you all updated! :relaxed: :doughnut: :heart:

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