Donut in Blender

I was watching Blender Guru’s beginner tutorial on how to make a donut, so its almost done and I need some feedback or ideas before I finish it! This is my third time using blender to! Thanks!


I would like the donut to not have a sharp shape. No donuts are in that shape.

Looks almost good enough to eat. Make the sprinkles different colors (rainbow).
Also, the shape is off. Looks like a short :arrow_up_down: cupcake that has sprinkles and a hole in it.

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You should make the icing not overflow as much from the doughnut and round it up or down


What do you mean? I don’t really understand.

It doesn’t exactly look round enough.

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Oh, ok. My main concern is flattening the bottom to make it look more realistic, and increase curve smoothness.

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It needs some droplet as shown in tutorial.
Keep up the good work, practice more to get better! Good luck.

I tried, but when I click on the edges after I subdivided the icing, it didn’t just do that edges, it did the whole small subdivided blocks, so I skipped it.

Oh Alright. Same thing happened to me too when I first started lol

You must be looking at that sliding donut tutorial

It looks really basic, work on the texture of the donut, it looks really basic. Also smooth out the edges. It looks sharp. And do credit the YouTuber who made the tutorial, I saw it aswell. Also work on the cream, it does not drip. And add more sprinkles.