Door opened, generate room?

Hello im making a doors game and i made so that u could generate rooms but the problem is i need to run the function that generates the room when the door is opened how would i do that?

Put all the possible rooms in a folder in ServerStorage and random select one to add to the Workspace :slight_smile:

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wait couldn’t i just use a module script? then when the door is opened then i would be able to call the function

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Sure, that works

I love roblox

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You could, yes. I would also recommend not loading the rooms in as soon as the door opens to prevent the player from opening the door only to see a half loaded in room.

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i could load it in before it opens

i seem to have a problem when i generate the room, for some reason instead of generating 1 room then it generates 3.

Edit: Fixed it nvm just destroyed the hitbox that runs the doorscript when it was first run