Door opening animation including the character

I want to create a door opening animation, but where the character actually grabs out and opens the door, and then walks inside and shuts the door behind them. My question is, how can I get it so I can animate the door and character together??

I got a Motor6D connected to the HRP and the hinge of the door, but rotating the hinge does nothing


If you’re talking about adding more instances to one animation file, then I suggested moon animator. You can use the plus button in Moon Animator’s plugin to add another instance of a rig so you can animate both at once.
Sorry for acting stuck up, I was in a bad mood and I apologize for my actions.
Edit; Here’s a visualization of the process!

II think he’s talking about how the game makes the player character open the door and things stay that way, like with the doors fangame Rooms & Doors (weird example I know), where the player clicks a door, the character approaches it and the character opens the door that was interacted with

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Hey, I’m not sure if your aware or not, but you’re not supposed to reply to dead threads. It’s considered necroposting, and is improper forum etiquette.

Anyways, I see what your talking about though! Start off by creating a completely new door in your Workspace, then add a rig that’ll open it. After you’re done with step one your explorer should look like this. Then, download an advanced animation plugin named Moon Animator. After it’s finished installing, open the plugin, create a new file, and select your rig and the door like this:
Then, insert a keyframe into the door and begin animating!


If you need very precise control over your animations, an alternative I’d suggest learning is IKPF, since it can be perfectly applied to this situation and many more like this. Although I must admit, it’s incredibly complicated for newbie scripters (including myself).

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