Door spring is not closing the door

My door springs are not making the door close please help

Is it supposed to be hinged, or sliding? It looks like the spring is aligned to slide the door between the black and white Parts, but you’ve given us no information about it other than the Spring Properties.
If it’s a sliding door is there enough room for the glass to move between the black and white Parts?
Are both Attachment0 and Attachment1 parented to the door?
Are any of the moving Parts Anchored?

Why use a spring to close the door?
I’d use a HingeConstraint for a hinged door, or a PrismaticConstraint for a sliding door with either constraint set to Servo so you could script it.

sorry idk what else information to give other then to say it doesn’t work, but its hinged and its works just like any other normal door, and attachment0 is parented to the hinge(the yellow part in the middle) and attachment1 is parented to the glass on the door and its just in one model, and the door works fine, its just the spring doesn’t make the door close back up

robloxapp-20211220-0048428.wmv (903.8 KB)

I’m not sure if you wanna download the vidoe of me testing the door out

idk why it doesn’t just show the video here

Ok, so imagine this in the real world. If you attach a spring to a door at the locations you’ve put on this one why would the door close?
The spring isn’t pulling in a direction that increases or decreases the length. It’s pulling against the hinge line, which doesn’t change when the door is open or closed.
Put the Attachment0 at the Attachment1 Position to get it to close to the center.

In this case though I’d use a TorsionSpringConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation using the same 2 Attachments you have for the door HingeConstraint. I just tried it out in Studio and setting the spring Stiffness to 100 made for a realistic looking door swing. You can change the Damping and Stiffness to whatever works for you though.