Dornton UK:RP Notices

Dornton UK:RP Notices
Welcome to the Dornton UK:RP notice board.
This will not be updated that often and is mainly used to show rules.


A shutdown in-game usually means that an event has ended, or that there is an update.
Our map is fictional and the game can be updated at any time, as it is still in development.
The game is currently not supported for mobile devices and XBOX.

Owner: lackinminiali
Founder: CommissionerMnder123

Development Team:

A full list of staff can be found on our discord server.


  • Do not randomly kill people (RK) (Kick or a Time Ban)
  • Do not randomly arrest people (RA) (Kick or a Time Ban)
  • Do not mass kill or mass arrest people. (MRK/MRA) (Permanent Ban)
  • Do not tool abuse. (TA) (Kick or a Time Ban)
  • Do not mass tool abuse. (MTA) (Permanent Ban)
  • Do not advertise. (AD) (Mute and Warning or a Kick)
  • Do not spam. (SP) (Mute and Warning, Kick or a Ban.) (No matter the situation, 3 messages + in 5 seconds.)
  • Do not talk about sensitive topics such as conflicts etc. (ST) (Time Ban or Permanent Ban.)
  • Do not raid or start protests out of character. (ROP) (Time Ban or Permanent Ban.)
  • Do not impersonate staff. (IS) (Kick, Time Ban or a Permanent Ban.)
  • Do not troll. (TR) (Time Ban or a Permanent Ban.)
  • Do not exploit/hack. (EH) (Permanent Ban.)
  • Do not leave to avoid arrest. (LTAA) (Time ban (7 days.))
  • Do not attempt to avoid staff, I.E leaving or respawning. (AS) (Permanent Ban.)

Please follow all staff instructions.
Please also follow ROBLOX ToS.
Staff reserve the right to take action against your account in-game for actions which are deemed punishable.

Dornton UK:RP Game
Dornton UK:RP Group

:oncoming_police_car: Thank you, we hope you enjoy the game. :oncoming_police_car:

(Updated 23/01/2021)

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