Double Ad Upon Group Search


So recently I noticed that when you use the top search page for groups the landscape ads seem to refresh and put up a new ad and I’m currently using Safari. I’ve also tested this on Chrome and this doesn’t seem to show the image but still seems to refresh cause the text flickers. I’ve found that the ads refresh most of the time but occasionally work properly. This is an issue because players pay for ads and there is a random chance so money is on the line.


  • Go to the top search bar and type in something then click the group search option on the dropdown.
  • Then wait and see if it shows two ads as if the page were refreshed.
  • If the two ads didn’t occur try again (until it works).


I’m currently using Apple’s Mac Safari version 13.1.



I’m not sure I see the problem here. When you say Double Ad it makes it sound like it’s showing 2 ads.

Are you just stating that the ad changes when you search for a different group? Because if so, when you search, it has to redirect you to the new url for the search query. In addition to this, Roblox loads a random ad to show you when you open a page.

So when you search with either bar it’s going to show you a new, randomly picked ad.


This is still bad as it’s wasting impressions; nobody can view the ad as it skips too fast.


If you watch closely, you’ll see that it actually switches to another ad before he searched for a different group. It shows an obby ad first, before changing to an SCP-type game.


Yeah, he DM’d me after and then I came back and watched it again. I had been up for 24+ hours and missed it each time I watched it then we talked about it in DMs.

Ok sorry I couldn’t reply there was some bug stopping me. Anyways, as @MrLonely1221 said we talked about it in DMs. I came to the conclusion something was wrong with the <href(randomstuffsowon’tbeinvisible)> Also as @Revlayz said I agree with him and that’s another reason why I reported it. Not only does it show two but it causes people to spend money and I doubt people can see the ad for a few seconds and click on it if they’re interested.

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This bug has returned. My specs are the following:

Safari: Version 14.1 (14611.

Mac: 10.14.6 (18G2022)

I believe was fixed in the past, however it seems to have returned. Please DM me if more info is needed. What is said above is still pretty accurate just its a new version.

I’m hoping this issue gets patched soon. It falsely creates impressions on advertisements, which makes the low value, well, even lower.


Not sure that’s valid? The total number of impressions in that space also doubles. You should still get similar amounts of clicks since you’re buying a share of the total pie over some time frame. The click-through-metric will just be more misleading.

It should be resolved for sure for obvious reasons already mentioned in the thread, just noting that this is likely not affecting your discoverability. Everyone is hindered the same (it’s not just your ads showing up in the first frame), and there are 2 impressions there.

I say it due to the estimated impressions feature. Because it exists, having false impressions could skew that number.