Double Chat Tags

So I have been thinking, and in my game, I would like to add a VIP gamepass with a chat tag, but I also want staff to have their “Staff” chat tag. Is there a way where I could have 2 chat tags for one player? I have tried adding 2 different chat tag scripts tied to the same account, but it doesn’t add 2 separate, it just doesn’t have a chat tag at all. If you do know the fix to this, please write a reply down below with a script of it as that would be EXTREMELY helpful!


Could this be of use to you maybe?


I actually created a chat tags module a while back (it probably could use an update one of these days)

You could take a look at the source code if you’re interested in it


Yes, that worked perfectly! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention and being so helpful! (I actually just got moved to a member on the dev forum today and everyone has been so kind to me, helping me out but you have been the most outstanding! Keep up the amazing work!)


Ey, glad I was able to help you out!

Really? Well, welcome to the Forum! We hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you have any issues that you may come across do feel free to post them here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Do if statements!

Put in SeverScriptStorage as a script

“”= fill in the blank

-- Make your variables Here

if "Detects if player is staff" and "Owns Vip Gamepass" then
"Make chat tag Staff and VIP"
elseif "Dectects if player is staff" then
"Make chat tag Staff"
elseif "Owns VIP Gamepass" then
"Make chat tag VIP"
else -- This is necessary I believe just put something random under. I just put a print statement.
print ("No tag")

If you want to have two or more chat tags at once, you can create an empty table that contain the chat tags. Then you can set them by using the :SetExtraData() method.


local tags = {
    {TagText = "Vip", TagColor =,0,0)},
    {TagText = "Staff", TagColor =,0,0)},

speaker:SetExtraData(“Tags”, tags)
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