Doubt about the implementation of political systems in the game

Good afternoon / evening / day developers.

I would like guidance on how to do what I have in mind without affecting the community rules of Article 12.
I am planning to do an RP in Spanish and I would like that on each server every x hours the players can vote for a political system or a political party.

e.g: All servers start with an absolute monarchy and the king will be the first player to enter the server. When there are more players and 1 hour has passed, a gui will appear to vote for a new political system

And my question is, Does it break the rule by doing it this way or can I do it another way?

I’d like to know before I start modeling and programming. :upside_down_face:

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I don’t think this breaks the TOS as long as it’s not based off of real world politics. (Don’t quote me on this, I recommend talking to a staff member about this).

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For those who have the same doubt, this was the response of one of the administrators:

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to us about this. Unfortunately we can not clarify anything in our Terms of Use. You can read to find if we have anything related to your question in our ToU here: