Doubt on Roblox's automatic group ranking process

So, I have seen many games which rank players in their groups on command. I wanted to make something like this. Whenever I look up tutorials on this type of Bot making it always has to do something with a “3rd party” website like glitch.

This there anything which is provided by roblox themselves to make this process simpler? Because I really don’t feel safe putting my account’s Security Code out.

Unfortunately there are no (reliable) ways to handle ranking without using an external server or other method of hosting the backend code for a bot. As long as you put your Glitch project to private and make sure that there’s nowhere where your cookie is publicly visible you’ll be fine.

(Also I would recommend some sort of authentication method to verify the requests, like a token as a parameter that you include when you send the request from a serverscript in your game)


There is no way.

But how come you cannot create it’s own Bot Account, then you won’t have to worry about giving your own personal account info in the system?