Doubts which platforms and operating systems roblox supports

Note: I don’t know which category I owe for this but as I’m going to do a guide on this subject, I put it in this category.

I will make a Gui that indicates compatibility (in terms of graphics and other things), ie if the user chooses Phone or Tablet option (as for example). However I would be curious to know the following: What are all the formats compatible with roblox (not counting with virtual machines or using a ps3 to play roblox only with a virtual machine of her linux and inside that virtual machine to another machine that is a windows 7 [for example]).

Below I will indicate the ones I want to know, that is, I will ask several questions and to be easier to answer, they could do it like this: I put a question 1 and answer # 1 (answer) …

1.Checking this image:

It is seen that these platforms are compatible with roblox, this is really true (I have never heard of one).

2.When checking the “Macintosh operating system”, it will show this:

I doubt that roblox is compatible with all this, which ones are compatible with roblox?

3.I know that roblox is compatible with xbox one but I don’t know if it is compatible with xbox 360, is it compatible?

4.Now the last question: I know that there were versions for linux, however they are no longer compatible, but it seems that users can really get the game to work in linux. These versions are considered official and if they are not official I would take a ban if it settles down?

Note: I don’t know which category I owe for this but as I’m going to do a guide on this subject, I put it in this category.(guide = gui)

Roblox is not compatible with Xbox 360, it is compatible with Xbox one onwards however.

I’m not sure about the Linux one but I doubt that you’d get a ban over it.

Roblox is compatible with a lot of updated systems so macOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS but anything under Macintosh is highly undoubtable so don’t trust that unless it’s on Roblox’s compatible devices/platforms.


ok thanks for help.About linux I see better later.

I recently found something related to detecting if the user would be on which platform and I found all these options, I find it strange to have this big list but it was probably attempted to put roblox on those platforms