Dough Bakery | Ban Appeal


If you have been permanently banned from one of Dough Bakery’s establishments/communications server and you would like the opportunity to return to the establishment/communications server you were banned from, you must appeal using the appeal below. This appeal must be sent to someone in the Operations Department via Discord one week after your ban. Within your appeal, you must include detail within your answers but grammar is optional.


  1. What is your Roblox/Discord username and tag (only tag if banned from the communications server)?

  2. Do you know the reasoning for your permanent ban?

  3. Will you ensure you do not repeat these actions and/or break any of Dough Bakery’s rules in the future?

  4. Do you think your ban was deserved due to your actions?

  5. Why should we unban you?


Contact any member of our Operations Department via direct messages, or Roblox messages. Your results will be issued to you in 48 hours+.

Operations Department
Dough Bakery