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For whom this may interest, this forum has been made to briefly explain what each rank within Dough Bakery does. Some ranks do similar jobs, however, some are completely different from others. If anyone has any questions about any of our ranks in the future, feel free to contact a member of staff via our communications server or direct message them.

Bakery Customer:

When you first join our Roblox group, this is the role you will automatically obtain. This role shows your support towards the group & you’re all eligible to attend interviews and be interviewed.

Noted Customer:

This role is given to individuals who have previously worked at Dough Bakery as a High Rank (Executive Assistant+).

Affiliate Representative:

Any partnership representatives will obtain this role in Dough Bakery; this will clearly point out they’re from one of our affiliates.


The trainee is the role given once an individual has passed their application or interview. This then gives these individuals the opportunity to train for Cashier or Baker.


After passing Cashier training, Cashiers will be able to work behind the counters at the bakery - submitting orders, answering questions customers may have, and just helping out customers in general. Cashiers are only able to work behind the counter, they do not have access to the kitchen. If an individual doesn’t want to be a Cashier anymore, they can schedule private training with an MR+ or can attend a scheduled training for Baker.


After passing Baker training, Bakers are able to claim orders submitted by Cashiers and then proceed to make the desired order. Similarly to Cashier, Bakers have the opportunity to re-train for a Cashier as many times as they would like.

Experienced Cashier:

Once a Cashier has obtained (NUMBER OF POINTS), they will be able to be promoted to Experienced Cashier. This then allows these individuals to apply for Bakery Assistant (when applications/interviews are open/available.)

Experienced Baker:

Once a Baker has obtained (NUMBER OF POINTS), they will be able to be promoted to Experienced Baker. This then allows these individuals to apply for Bakery Assistant (when applications/interviews are open/available.)

Bakery Assistant:

Bakery Assistant is the first rank as a Middle Rank. This rank is given to those who have passed their application or have passed their interview. You will be able to interview Bakery Customers, train LRs and then you will be able to supervise the bakery.

Bakery Supervisor:

A Bakery Supervisor has the same responsibilities as a Bakery Assistant. However, a Bakery Supervisor will then have the opportunities to claim and co-host training & interview sessions and will be able to host shifts.

Bakery Manager:

Bakery Managers also have the same responsibility as other Middle Ranks but have one extra responsibility; which is to host training & interviews. They can also co-host training & interviews and can also host shifts, but can now host training & interviews instead of just co-hosting them.

General Manager:

General Managers will be given permissions to promote LRs to other LR ranks, but not to MR, and can demote LRs. Therefore, they can be promoters at interviews and training. General Managers are also required to supervise the bakery and still can host shifts.

Executive Assistant:

This rank is the first High Rank. These individuals have been promoted from applications, or from hard work and dedication. Executive Assistants have the opportunity to pick which department they’d like to operate in Public Relations, Operations, or Staffing. Executive Assistants can also host, co-host, and promote at training/interviews, but can also host shifts.

Chief Public Relations Officer:

Chief Public Relations Officers are in charge of monitoring how Executive Assistants perform in the PR Department. On top of this, they’re in charge of helping fill out applications, moderating partnerships, and forming new events for the Dough community to enjoy.

Chief Staffing Officer:

Chief Staffing Officers focus on the general managing of the staff team, Bakery Assistant to General Manager. They are also in charge of all of the applications regarding Dough Bakery, which also includes promoting staff who are deserving of their next step within DB. They will also be in charge of mentoring and teaching the new Bakery Supervisors/Managers how to host & co-host, this is so all of our staff members have a good understanding when they eventually host their first session.

Chief Operations Officer:

Chief Operations Officers focus on monitoring staff behavior and their performance overall. If necessary, members of they will be required to issue consequences of any form, whether that ranges from reminders, warnings, and terminations. While they most certainly will deal with further consequences, those are the main causes of a staff member acting disruptively. On top of this, they focus on dealing with inactivity notices and public ban appeals from our premise.

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