"Download All Activity" button on ROBLOX Forums

As a Roblox user, it is currently too hard to save data and activity from the ROBLOX forums before the eventual deletion.

I would like to propose a button that allows the user to download a complete .csv file of the entirety of every thread they’ve ever interacted with.

If this was addressed, many longtime players would be able to preserve their experiences and memories for posterity.


Seems like a lot more effort than it’s worth. Might be fun for few minutes/hours/whatever for a bit of nostalgia but when are you conceivably going to have a use for the data? I don’t see it being worth the time of day, just my opinion.

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I’ve often deleted or gotten rid of something I believed to not be useful, only to realize that it had an importance that I did not realize. Keeping your activity, for posterity or not, can be very important.


I wasn’t on Roblox to preserve my old place comments before they were ripped out and destroyed, and I still feel very upset about this.

I would certainly appreciate this feature.