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Hi, I want to detect when the player does each footstep and still want to keep the default walk animation but I can’t seem to download ROBLOX’s default walking animation. If I put it in a browser it says Error 404 Page not found. I could recreate the walk animation but I don’t want to. Is there any way to download it? Thanks!

Rthro Walk - Roblox is this the one you’re talking about?
download with assetdelivery api, then type in “.rbxm” on the end of it, then import to studio

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Thank you for the R15 Download (may come in use later idk) but I want the classic R6 Animation. Sorry I didn’t include it in the original post.

got it, here you go
r6 walk - just follow the same procedures and import to studio

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How would I import it as an animation? Tried doing it using animation editor. Says in output: Unexpected file type - Studio
14:28:13.498 FBX Import Error(s):
File is empty!

this is a roblox studio model file. you can only edit this using animation editors inside the studio, like roblox’s or moon’s, etc.
But you’re trying to import to blender right? i assume you can do that with some plugins, but sadly i don’t know any.

I assume the animation that they linked to is a native Roblox animation instance, so here’s how to import it:

  1. Look in your downloads folder and find the file you downloaded.
  2. Check the file’s type. If it’s not a “RBXM File”, rename it (F2) and add “.rbxm” to it.
  3. In Roblox Studio, locate the character model/dummy that you want to import the animation into, then look at the Model’s contents in the explorer.
  4. Add a new Model within the character and name it AnimSaves. (If this already exists, skip this.)
  5. Right-click on AnimSaves and choose to import from a file; Select your R6 walk animation RBXM, then it should appear as an instance within it.
  6. Open Animation Editor, click on the character, then use the “…” button to load the new animation.

No im trying to import it as an animation I can edit to roblox studio

For some reason it only moves the head.

You might be trying to use the R15 walk animation with an R6 rig, which isn’t compatible. Download the R6 walk animation that’s linked in the solution and that’ll work.

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