Dqnnx - Web Developer // Bot Developer


Hello, I’m Dqnnx, some of you may know me from the annoying post series wanting help. I’ve never actually spoken about what I do or what I’m experienced with so I hope this post will explain quite a lot :smile:

I’m a fairly new developer that has only recently joined the developer forums. Although I may have only recently joined the developer forums, I have been developing for years before that. I used to be a part of a game making company called “Oblivion”, we were midway making one hyper-casual game until the owner and I got into a little argument and it ended with me being here.


Landing Page

This is most typically a front-page design. It’s just a single page usually with a description, name and possibly some social media pages. Keep in mind, I’m not a website designer, I’m a developer, I do what I’m told. If you want the website to be complex, I’ll make it complex. I just like the much cleaner designs which is why I decided to show you this.

Group Logo


I’m alright at making simplistic and fairly good looking logos. If you need a logo done I’ll do it for free or minimal payment if it’s complex and I don’t have much time.

Discord Bot




A bot made for moderation.


I’m available during these times (BST timezone)

Monday: 3pm - 11pm
Tuesday: 3pm - 11pm
Wednesday: 3pm - 11pm
Thursday: 3pm - 7pm
Friday: 3pm - 11pm
Saturday: 1pm - 7pm
Sunday: 6pm - 9pm

I may also have upcoming holidays or jobs to do. If events do occur then I’ll update my portfolio.


I can do either paypal or robux. Prices are negotiable.

Web Development

Landing page: 1 - 5$
Full portfolio page: 20 - 100$
A fully responsive business page with an e-commerce shop: 100$+

NOTE - If you want to host your website I can host it for you on a VPS (virtual private server) although that’ll cost additional money. I can also help you find a free hosting site such as github and/or glitch.

Discord Bot

Abstract Bot: 1$ (This bot will be invited to your server)
A verification system: 2$
A custom bot: 1 - 10$ (This depends on the features you’d like)

Premium package (15$):

  • A fully setup discord server.
  • A fully customized bot.
  • Webhooks added if they’re needed with all permissions setup.

I can host it once again, the price will be higher if that’s the case though.


Logos: FREE


Discord - Matqx#5545
Website - https://matqx.xyz/
Twitter - @MatqxDEV
Devforums - @Dqnnx

Thank you for reading this post. If you believe my prices are unreasonable feel free to tell me in the comments as I usually don’t do comissions. I’d love to hear prices that the community approves of :smile:


NOTE - More images will be provided when some comissions will be made. That’s only if the buyer allows me to post the work I made for them at the end.