Draft disappeared, three days of work just gone

I’ve been recently writing an article for #resources:community-tutorials over the span of 3 days, and I just work on it for a little bit each day, thanks to the draft feature. But today, the 4th day, the draft just wasn’t there, it was gone. Three days of work just in the trash, you can’t believe how mad I am.

Was wondering if there is anyway to retrieve? Can a staff or someone return it somehow?

Did someone else meet this problem? Because it never happened before, maybe there was something with the website.

NOTE: I have opened the devforum an hour using an outdated browser (from an old phone) perhaps that caused it.

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So it’s not in the draft tab and it doesnt say “open Draft” where “new Topic” is?

If it’s not showing up in the Draft menu anymore on the client where you wrote it, then it’s lost. I would recommend not using the Draft menu to store text over long periods of time, that’s not what it’s meant for.


Drafts from experience are saved on your device, if its not showing up there there is no way to retrieve it as far as im concerned.


Well, that’s a huge bummer, I can’t believe I just lost tons of work, this is honestly so sad.

This happened to me too. I abandoned the topic and never posted it.

Workaround: Send yourself a private message and just keep editing it until it’s done. Then you can use the magical Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v to add it to your real topic.

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Good idea, I’m gonna start doing that. In a simple .txt file or just a private message as you said.

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Actually I did write one draft before and I stored it in a .txt file rather than on the forum, in suspicion of it randomly vanishing like the draft before.

Oh, by the way, “disappeared” is misspelt. Hehehe.

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