Drafts panel steals focus when opened via editing a script

Reproduction Steps

  • Enter team create, turn collaborative editing on
  • Add new script, open the drafts panel and dock it into the same place as another panel e.g. the Explorer
  • Commit all changes (if any)
  • Exit and rejoin team create
  • Open a script and start typing

Expected Behavior

When you start typing the drafts panel should appear somewhere in the UI, if it isn’t visible already.
The drafts panel should not affect the input focus at all - after making the initial script changes that trigger the drafts panel to open you should be able to continue typing in the script.

Actual Behavior

When you start typing in the script, the drafts panel will open and steal focus, preventing you from typing in the script without manually regaining focus.

I could not get it occurring it in this video because of how unreliable layout saving is, but if the drafts panel opens docked in the same place as another visible panel, it does not change which tab is open, so the visible panel is what gets the focus. For example, if the Explorer is visible in the same place as the Drafts panel, then the Explorer will be given focus. This has made me do things like accidentally delete scripts and content from a game, as I was typing in the script, made a typo, then pressed backspace (and in the meantime focus had been given to the Explorer).

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Thanks for the report! We are aware of this issue.

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This bug is still occurring and feels like sandpaper.

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Hey everyone! You can follow progress here Drafts window auto selects when scripting, unselecting script window so I’m going to close this one out.