Drag arrows appearing in wrong place when using move on object axis

When moving a part on local axis (ctrl+L), some of the arrows are either too close or too far from the center of the part, rather than just off the faces like it used to.


This started happening yesterday. Was fine on Wednesday, my friend pointed it out last night and I first saw it just now.

Edit: so I’m using Roblox on a train with no internet and now it appears to be working? Roblox hasn’t updated in that time at all so I don’t know what happened.

(Also, on using Roblox offline, my train simulator map looks so weird without unions, and when selecting multiple parts by click-and-drag, studio lags a bit when it wasn’t having problems this morning)


It looks like the arrow locations are correct, just backwards. I’ll add it to the bug list.


This only seems to happen when you have it in local (CTRL+L) mode. Toggling it off has temporarily fixed it for me several times.

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Still occuring on Parts that are Cylinders as of today.

Probably takes a little bit more than just two days (and it’s weekend also) :slight_smile:

If it’s still this way in a few weeks from now it may be worth bumping

Still happening to me, makes dragging objects really awkward

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Still happening though I found a way that I’m pretty sure will repro the problem all the time.

  1. Install Stravant’s Material Flip Plugin.
  2. Make a long, thin part.
  3. Set the movement to local space using Ctrl+L.
  4. Select the part and select the move tool.
  5. Use the plugin to flip the material direction and it should mess up the arrows.

We have a fix for this that should be out in one of the next few releases.


This has been fixed in the latest release.


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