Draggable & Resizable Frame within Boundaries

Hey developers!!

What I wish to achieve, I believe would be quite simple at least for a more experienced scripter than myself!

Basically I want to make a Frame let’s call it Browser resizable and dragable like you are able to resize
and drag your browser window as an example. And it so appears that most information I found about this was either outdated or didn’t quite achieve the right effect.

Also adding to this, I want to make it so it says within the parent frame boundaries, so basically that you can’t resize or drag that Browser Frame out of the parent frame boundaries.

Finally the issue is that I really don’t know how to achieve this at all, I’m not here asking for someone else to make the script for me, but if someone could explain how I could possibly achieve this I’d appreciate it!

PS: Everything up here needs to be doable as a player in client not in Studio

Image for reference!

UI instances which are descendants of other UI instances have their dragging regions restricted to the boundaries of the parent UI instances.

Well whenever I used a dragging script that I found on this forum, I was able to drag the Frame out of the Parent Frame boundaries. Everything I meant up there was being able to do it as a Player in the client not in Studio.

Oh, I was referring to in Studio.

My bad, I didn’t specify it on the original post