Dragger snap to surface won't work

Recently I was building some stuff, everything was fine. The build uses alot of rotated parts so the snap to slanted surface is very important for that, but all of a sudden it stopped working.

I am trying to drag my objects into a rotated surface like this:

But when i drag it, what happens instead is this:

I have tried resetting all roblox studio settings, reinstalling the program and looking if what I did was a shortcut but I didn’t find anything for that. I also made research on this and haven’t found anything helpful yet.

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This issue seems to occur because you likely disabled the (Align Dragged Objects) right click and toggle this option and make sure it’s checked and see if it fixes the problem? This issue occurs because you toggled it off making the parts unable to snap - align to the surface. Toggling this option will make your parts snap much better without causing this problem, which will make it snap to the surface.


I went and turned the option on, seems to work fine now.

Thanks for the help.

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