Dragging a model inside a model

Does Studio currently “support” dragging models that are inside models?

For eg. to drag a part inside a model you hold alt and can freely drag it, scale it, move it (using move tool), etc.

With models this does not seem possible. To select a model inside of another model you use the explorer tab but there seems to be no way of dragging that selected model.

Note that moving/dragging are both different - dragging means holding the model and dragging it around whilst moving means using the move tool and moving it on the XYZ axes.

I know but is there no way to drag without ungrouping?

You are probably mixing up dragging with moving, I want to know if you can drag a model from inside a model. Moving is different from dragging.

You mean, by holding a key in and selecting a model, you will move the parts without needing to go on explorer, if yes then it is a great idea.

You can somewhat do this already by using ALT + Mouse button and dragging to select whatever parts…this disregards models entirely.

But this isn’t efficient in a lot of cases, like if I have several models inside a model and I want to drag a specific model alone… ALT+Mouse button no good :frowning:

Wait, there is a way to move parts in a model without using the explorer!!! My life is ruined, hours lost by trying to find the model on 300 other parts and models in the workspace…