Dragging .lua files into Studio creates scripts

It takes a bunch of copypasting to update a game’s scripts if these scripts are in external files.

These scripts can be, for instance, modulescripts holding content; having these be external files is in some cases the best way to handle collaborative editing of content (one such case is when not everyone involved should be allowed to edit the entire game).

I’m sure there’s fancy github stuff out there for this purpose, but drag-and-drop support shouldn’t be substituted by plugins. Dragging a file into an open script window already pastes a file:// link into the script, perhaps someone just forgot where they were going with that?

It’d be great if we could drag .lua files into studio to create scripts, much like we can already do with .rbxm and .rbxl files.

Holding shift or alt when dragging, or dragging with the right mouse button, should prompt a dialog to let us decide if the script becomes a module or local or normal script.

Dragging a file with the left mouse button should probably just have it guess based on where it’ll end up:

  • modulescripts in serverstorage, replicatedstorage, folders

  • localscripts in starterplayer, startergui and replicatedfirst

  • scripts in serverscriptservice, workspace, models