Dragging Multiple Parts in Explorer Causes Crash

Hello developers and potentially staff,

Lately I’ve encountered an issue which has crashed studio for me at a pretty high rate. When I select multiple parts or models in Workspace and drag them to another location, there’s a decent chance Studio will freeze and crash (“Roblox needs to quit” box appears).

It only happens sometimes, and I can’t explain what condition exactly leads to it, but I do know it only happens when I drag multiple items.

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What are the specs of your PC? Could low memory / lower end PC specs be contributing to this?

When you drag a few models, are they fairly large models with a lot of parts / objects in them?

I have a gtx 1070, 8 GB RAM, i5-6500 CPU

It doesn’t matter if the model is large or small, and it only happens rarely. I can’t exactly tell why it happens, I wish I could.