Dragon Handle Disables Seat

I’ve recently been making a rideable dragon as a tool. I’ve worked out the rideable dragon part well. When I jump into the dragon a tool appears in my inventory and the dragon flies well. But if I unequip and equip the dragon again the handle of the tool somehow prevents the character from sitting on the seat of the dragon and actually flying. If I could have help with that it would be great!

Does the tool require a handle or is it just there to make the tool work? If you don’t actually need a handle, just remove it and in the tools properties, disable the “RequiresHandle” property. Let me know if this isn’t the issue!

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Actually if I don’t have the handle then the dragon always appears on a specific spot on the map. I want it to appear with the seat touching the player. Thanks for the help though!

What I suggest you then do is set the CFrame of the dragons primary part when the tool is equipped.

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The character IS touching the seat when the tool is equipped, just not sitting in it. If I remove the handle the character sits normally and the flying GUI appears, but the problem with this is that it always appears on a certain location instead of on the player.

If your dragon is welded which I assume it is for it to fly, make sure you set the primary part of it (preferably the most central part, I’d suggest the seat maybe) and then set the primary parts CFrame to the Players HumanoidRootPart’s CFrame. You can obviously modify it a bit with an offset if it’s a bit off.

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They are welded. It does not have humanoid though.
Edit: I am new to Roblox Studio and even newer to DevForum so sorry if I’m misunderstanding you.

I mean move the dragon to the players position.

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So basically I should remove the handle and make the seat’s position the player’s position when the player equips the tool? Thanks! I will try that. If you don’t mind I can tell you how it goes!

Let me know how it goes! Hope it works.

How’d it go? Need any other help?

So what’s happened is I decided to improve it a little and now I’m trying to make a coin that spawns the dragon (the next part is as per your suggestion) with the seat on the HumanoidRootPart. Going pretty well. I’ll tell you if I need any help. Thanks Lxuca!

My coin is not working. Here’s the script inside it:

dragon = false
tool = script.Parent

if dragon == false then
local MyFireDragon = game.Workspace.AniMorphs.FireDragon:Clone()
MyFireDragon:WaitForChild(“Seat”).CFrame = tool.Parent:WaitForChild(“HumanoidRootPart”).CFrame
MyFireDragon.Name = “MyFireDragon”
MyFireDragon.Parent = tool.Parent
dragon = true

dragon = false tool.Parent.Parent.Character:WaitForChild(“MyFireDragon”):Remove()

What’s happening no is I can’t change the model’s CFrame because it technically doesn’t have one. Will moving its primary part move the whole thing? It’s not working so far.
Could you help me make this script work?