DraKend | Graphic Designer


Hey! My name is DraKend and I’m a graphic designer for the ROBLOX community! I have been doing graphics for just over 5 months and have plans for it moving forward. If you’re interested in commissioning me, you can contact me on Twitter or Discord.

Examples of my work!


Rightless Friends

Cart Ride Game

Halloween Thumbnail

Simulator Game

Rat Game

Asylum Game

Tower of Life

Army Game

Arsenal Thumbnail





Homestore Icon



Obby icon



Nurse Rebellion One

Scoops One

Scoops Two

Vault Blox



Storm Troopers

I provide very affordable pricing for great service and quality graphics!

  • Thumbnail: 500 Robux
  • Profile Picture: 150 Robux
  • Advertisement: 300 Robux
  • Icon: 250 Robux

I accept payment through:

  • Group Funds (Robux)
  • Shirts/Game Pass (Robux)
  • USD Payment (Paypal Only!)

USD payment specifications will be answered in DMS.
If you’re paying through shirts or game pass you must pay 30% extra in tax.

If you would like to get a hold of me, you can contact me through my Discord or Twitter DMS. I’m active almost all the time from 8 AM - 11 PM Pacific Standard Time. Regardless, feel free to message me anytime!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drakendgfx
Roblox: bobber - Roblox
Discord: DraKend#8307

Thank you so much for checking out my portfolio! If you have any questions or concerns don’t be scared to shoot me a DM. Have a great day! :smile:


Drak is a super hard working underrated artist and an awesome friend, 100% recommend for super cheap work!

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Good friend and great designer, definitely fun person to work with, definitely consider commissioning him.


Very cheap, I recommend buying.

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Your icon prices are pretty cheap. I suggest you raise them! Else great graphic designer, definitely high quality.

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Another underated gfx artist keep it up buddy.

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It’s too low, isn’t it? bump them man!

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we can do business if you add me Kyrelae 9999

Best Render Artist! Highly Recommend.

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Nice Graphics Man. You should make them more expensive

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