Drauts: User Interface Artist

About Me

Hey! I’m Drauts. I specialize in professional User Interface design on ROBLOX. I’ve worked with many notable games like United States Space Force, United States Army, Banning Simulator, Cabin Crew, Blacklands, and other large projects that are coming soon! My commissions are always open, and I look forward to working with you!


Space Force UI


"Sternwill" Personal Character Selection Concept

Speedshade Developer Hub Concept

Cyberpunk HUD Concept

Dropship Personal App Design (WIP)

Modern City Roleplay UI

Oakville Prison Roleplay UI

Weapon Stats UI


I am available almost every day and all hours of each day. I am currently in online school, so am almost always open for working. Contact me for any questions regarding my availability.


My prices are negotiable, but any of the following are a preferable minimum.
$100+ USD
25k+ Robux
40-50k+ Limiteds
Note: I charge 50% up front for first-time clients.


You can contact me on discord at anytime here: drauts#2100

Hope to work with you soon! :slight_smile:


Nice Work But pricing is so much lol.


No, I would say its pretty cheap for that.


Yea FOR THAT work but im just saying its A LOT to afford ppl like you.

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Hey! This price is actually pretty cheap for the work being provided. The quality is amazing for a price that is well under its worth.


That’s exactly what i’ve been saying the price is good but the work is good. But I said it was expensive.

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Ngl that doesn’t make sense… the price is good in my opinion.

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I made a typo lol the “but” was a and

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Paid $50 upfront, he never started working and he made up excuses to not give the $50 I paid him.

Highly do not recommend


Wow thanks for showing that, I never would have known that he was a scammer.

Sorry for just now replying, but multiple people have now brought this to my attention. I went out of town unexpectedly after you gave me the $50 up front, and I was unable to give it back due to paypal issues. You, however, chargebacked me anyway and got me banned from HD when I was away from discord and could not explain my side of the story. This is a sticky situation, but ultimately I did not scam you. I unexpectedly went out of town after you sent the money and did not have my computer with me to alert you of the situation. However, I can see in your shoes how this would look like a scam since I could not respond while I was out of town. I hope you understand and that this solves any future issues concerning me being a scammer. I have since closed all UI commissions and have not taken a single one since this incident, but I thought i’d clear this up :slight_smile:


Vouch, Drauts is legit and his work is amazing.
For those of you who are seeing the user “Revitic’s” post, I would highly ignore it as it is false. (Please don’t spread false information)


Same I would vouch as well, he’s really good at what he does and I would label him as not only a great person, but a great UI designer.


Although myself and Drauts have had multiple discrepancies in the past, he is a talented graphic designer/interface designer. The only thing I would be cautious of prior to hiring is importing the created interface as he does not do this unless paid extra. Otherwise, vouch.


Dratus’s work is amazing! He just finished a games worth of uis for me in around 3-4 days. The quality of it was amazing and the service was even better. Highly recommend him.

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I would better say around 7/10k then

i dont vouch, i was building his space force for him in october and said he was focusing on something else - he never replied to my constant messages that i have sent since then. i built him half of a space station and he pretty much scammed me so i wouldnt put it past him to do it with UI commissions

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you made one hallway and i told you to stop working and you proceeded.

very stark understatement but we can continue this in dms if you want - I don’t want to clog up dev forum

My experience with Drauts;

+ | UI looks very clean
+ | Got some of the commission done in the first night

- | Often aired DMs
- | Didn’t fully complete the commission. Missed a few vital points of the checklist he was given.

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