DrDisRespect Arena WIP

Much progress has been made on the Doc’s Arena with a few examples below:

A small playtest is available here if you wanna try it out!

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The progress you’ve made so far is truly impressive! However, as with any endeavor, there is always room for further improvement.

The arena itself looks fantastic from an external perspective. However, when I attempted to enter the game, I couldn’t find a way in. Nevertheless, it’s evident that you’ve invested a great deal of effort into constructing these models, which is commendable. Nonetheless, certain items appear out of place, such as the security checkpoint, as the textures don’t quite align with the rest of the room. On a more positive note, the cityscape looks particularly captivating at night, especially with the subtle haze and atmospheric effects. However, the city seems to come to an abrupt end. Consider gradually transitioning into the city’s conclusion by incorporating a waterfront area, complete with docks or other urban elements, to enhance the overall ambiance. Additionally, the addition of streetlights and other street-related items would greatly contribute to the urban atmosphere. While the lanterns are visually appealing, their repetitive placement gives a sense of copy-and-paste. Consider adding more diverse elements to the boardwalk to enrich its visual appeal. I apologize for focusing more on the outdoor aspect, as I was unable to access the arena portion.

Overall, I genuinely appreciate the cityscape and the atmosphere it conveys. While it’s true that real-life buildings typically don’t have blue and red lights, the game manages to incorporate them effectively. The gas station also looks impressive, although it might be beneficial to shorten the text on the sign.

In summary, your build is really remarkable, and I can’t wait to see where you take it!

Hello and thank you for your amazing and thorough feedback! Much of the actual Arena is still unfinished and under development leaving the only mostly finished area being the gas station, which is why I only allowed that portion of the map to be played for the time being as a sneak peek. However, you can see most of the inside of the Arena in my activity page on my devforum profile. Much of it hasn’t changed since that post due to life circumstances, but soon enough the actual Arena will be playable. Thanks again for the feedback!

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