Dread 1.58 Update - Christmas Update

Merry (late) Christmas!

This year’s Christmas update features plenty of new things, such as 2 new utilities available, a new boss fight, Christmas themed maps, Arcade gamemode rework and more!

What’s new in 1.58?

  • Added new gamemode - Survival(?)
    • Spoiler alert: This is a new boss gamemode.
  • Added 2 new gifts: 2021 Gift of Participation and 2021 Gift of Victory
  • 2 new utilities available:
    • Chocolate chip Cookie - Classic Christmas utility, heals 30HP.
    • Hot Chocolate - Brand new Christmas utility which will be available in later Christmas updates too! Heals 15HP and gives a 4 second speed boost.
  • Christmas themes added for maps:
    • Dead Lands
    • Derailed
    • Coastline
    • Rest Station
    • Collapsing City
    • Bread Corp
    • Lost Business
    • The Bloc
  • Arcade gamemode has been reworked!
    • Players now pick up dices which give a random effect (can be good or bad)
    • Just a reminder - there will be more types of arcade effects coming in later updates.
  • Added new taunt: Celebration B by @theonlyonecandothis
  • Celebration has been renamed to Celebration A
  • Removed an ammo box from Rest Station at the docks for balancing
  • Added new Christmas-themed music and sounds.