Dread 1.59 Update - Anniversary Update

Happy 5th Anniversary, Dread!

This year’s Anniversary update features a ton of additions - brand new Pay-Town remake, Luton Parkway rebalance, entirely new lighting system, new CBC-55 attachment, bug fixes and last but not least, the opening of the Christmas gifts. (actually there’s even more than that but saying last but not least sounded catchy idk)

What’s new in 1.59?

  • Added new Pay-Town remake by @mattgrant
    • Much bigger, with amazing interiors and better layout!
  • Luton Parkway has been rebalanced by @treyplayx3
    • Brand new entrances, map areas and more!
  • Added a .50 cal attachment to the CBC-55
    • Destroys the gun barrel after 1 shot, making it unusable.
  • Gift of Participation and Victory have been finally opened!
    • What’s in those gifts? Check it out yourself! (don’t wanna ruin the surprise)
  • New lighting system has been added!
    • Guns, bullet shells, and more have realistic reflections to them.
    • Shouldn’t affect performance so don’t worry about it : )
  • Siege has gotten a few improvements!
    • Players don’t respawn anymore after each wave. Instead, they get healed to their max health if they’re still alive.
    • Tsar Skelly II Fire attack now has different patterns than before.
    • Zombies now spawn near the Skelly boss when he summons them.
  • Added a new, more lively, walk animation!
  • Various Dead Lands and Collapsing City glitch spots have been fixed.
  • Fixed proning while falling/jumping.
  • Fixed Private Server settings not working.
  • The Guitar model has been fixed.
  • The Bloc now has cars passing by on the highway occasionally.
  • Hot Chocolate and Cookies have been taken off-sale until next Christmas.
  • Voice chat has been enabled, making it easier to communicate with your teammates and enemies!