Dread 1.65 Update

This update features a brand new Flamethrower primary, 3 new maps, shooting range UI revamp, new ammo box system and other new mechanics, balancing improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!

What’s new in 1.65?

  • The Flamethrower - A short-range primary weapon that, as the name suggests, spits flames at zombies. Be careful using this weapon, though - while it does shred Riot Zombies in a matter of seconds (or less), getting hit by a zombie on fire will light you on fire as well.
  • Zombies that are on fire will also light you on fire after hitting you with the fire duration halved.
    • This can lead to some interesting strategies, such as lighting yourself on fire as an Anarchist zombie and chasing down survivors.
  • Crystal Caverns has been completely remade by @Keiruno!
  • Heavy Decay has been completely remade by @mattgrant, with the help of @treyplayx3 and me!
  • The Shooting Range has been completely remade by @mattgrant!
  • Speaking of the Shooting Range, a new weapon choosing interface has been added to it, featuring even some of the exclusive weapons like the Icicle, Oblit3ratR or the admin-exclusive joke weapon, the Luger.
  • Ammo box system has been revamped - Only the reserve ammo of a weapon is refilled, meaning that players can’t avoid reloading anymore by walking up to an ammo box. Extra ammo is also added to the reserve ammo depending on how much ammo you have.
    • Example: AK-47 (Default 30/90). Walking up to an ammo box with 19/70 will refill your weapon to 19/101. Reloading your weapon afterwards will make it have 30/90.
  • Raised the Buff Zombie health to make it more fair for zombie players
    • Minimum health: 750 → 1000
    • Maximum health 1750 → 3500
  • Fixed the Buff Zombie healthbar not being above his head.
  • Fire now displays damage numbers.
  • Fixed the Minigun fire sound not playing for other players properly.
  • Fixed rushing as a Buff zombie on mobile.
  • (hopefully) Fixed a bug where you could prone and DB jump at the same time. (Thanks @useragne!)
  • Warehouse and Last Resort have been added to the Private Server Settings.
  • Removed the ammo box from the storage room in Atomna Core.
  • Removed the ammo box from the vending machine on Derailed.
  • Fixed TouchInterest bugs on Last Resort.