Dread 1.66 Update

This update features a new body armor customization system, melee hit system rewrite (with major improvements), new SCAR-L animations and sounds, better zombie and melee balancing and various other bug fixes and improvements. Enjoy!

What’s new in 1.66?

  • Added Body Armor Customization
    • Allows you to put any text or image on the front, back and lower front of your body armor! Want to put the logo of your clan, your country’s flag or an animal you really like? You definitely can - The only limit is your imagination! (…and the Roblox community guidelines)
    • Costs 199 Robux - One-time purchase
  • The melee hit system has been completely reworked
    • Instead of being based on how far away you are from the enemy, melees now cast rays to detect hits
    • This means that melee hit consistency is now higher and that you can now hit multiple zombies (or survivors) in one hit!
  • Various balancing improvements:
    • Flamethrower range has been increased: 15 → 18
    • Karambit charge attack now bypasses armor**
    • Karambit charge attack damage has been increased: 125 → 150
    • Karambit attack damage has been increased: 55-> 65
    • Katana and Guitar charge attack now damage head armor instead of body armor
    • Common and Jetpack zombie’s 3rd hit now damages head armor instead of body armor
    • Melees and zombies now inflict 10% of their damage to the player’s health instead of 0% when a player is wearing armor
      • Example: Instead of dealing 20dmg to armor and 0dmg to health, they now deal 20dmg to armor and 2dmg to health.
    • Buff Zombie is no longer affected by melee immunity, meaning it can damage survivors no matter if they’ve hit it with a melee or not.
  • Added new SCAR-L animations by @mattgrant
    • This also means that SCAR-L reloads are now shorter if your gun isn’t empty.
  • Your character on the intermission screen now wears the body armor that you’ve selected and updates when you customize your weapon or body armor.
  • Moderator warnings are now displayed in a pop-up, with the ability to read the rules again.
  • AI Anarchist Zombies also have the new walk animation now
  • Patched Heavy Decay camp spots
  • Fixed TouchInterest related Last Resort bugs (again)
  • Fixed various win screen bugs
  • Loadout page lag issues have been fixed, performance should be much better now
  • Switching to pages in the menu now makes them appear from the correct side of the screen (eg. going to a page on the left now makes the page appear from the left side)