Dread 1.71 Update

This update features a brand-new settings menu, mobile control customization and important bug fixes and improvements. Have fun and enjoy!

What’s new in 1.71?

  • New settings page is here! This new, robust system makes it as easy to change your settings as a player, as it is for me to add new settings whenever needed.
    • Do you have any of your own ideas regarding which settings I should add? Feel free to tell me through Roblox messages or any other chat platform!
  • You can now set to show only your own bullet holes, as well as other player’s bullet shells. Really helps with immersion when recording other players. More tools such as free camera in spectate mode are coming soon!
  • Mobile players can now change the position of their controls in settings!
  • Added a new exclusive melee weapon for those who have guessed right in predicting the World Cup 2022 winner - the World Cup 2022 Trophy!
  • Fixed a bug where the Stick Giftnade wouldn’t get refilled by ammunition boxes in Siege
  • Fixed tree collision issues in Pay-Town
  • Fixed a bug where Coastline wouldn’t appear in the map settings for private servers.