Dread 1.73 Update: New Zombie Abilities & Daily Rewards!

This update features the new “Air Rush” ability for the Jetpack zombie, as well as ammobox molotov refill for Anarchist zombies, brand new Popup UI, new Daily Rewards system, and a ton of other new improvements and bugfixes. Enjoy and have fun!

What’s new in 1.73?

  • Jetpack zombies now have the ability to “Air Rush”, making them fly forward and able to, by player choice, explode on impact.
    • While flying (holding space), press Q to Air Rush. If you’d like to make the Jetpack explode on impact, press E while rushing.
  • The Popup UI has been entirely reworked!
    • A better looking, more robust system for popups. Join the game and see the differences yourself!
  • Daily Rewards now work differently than before - Players are able to spin for a reward, ranging from D$, to XP Boosters, and even Weapon skins!
  • Anarchist zombies now have the ability to refill their molotovs using ammo boxes.
  • Added a “Lose reason” when the round ends and zombies have won.
    • Example: In Assassination, if the V.I.P dies and the round ends, the game will now tell players that Zombies have won because the V.I.P died.
  • Revamped the “Servers” menu page with new buttons and a rounded textbox.
  • Added a popup where players are asked if they’re really sure that they don’t want to play the tutorial, after which, if it’s dismissed, they won’t be shown the tutorial popup again.
  • Increased Anarchist zombie molotov fire radius by 1 stud
  • Increased the Health HUD range for players and AI zombies from 25 to 45 studs.
  • The Tutorial now tells mobile players that they can aim down sights.
  • Fixed various bugs where the Tutorial wouldn’t start after players would click on “Play Tutorial”
  • Transition UI has been also given a new makeover!
  • Taunts have been now renamed to Emotes, as per popular request.
  • Fixed a bug where volume settings wouldn’t immediately take effect after joining the game
  • Migrated to task.wait, making game scripts faster than before.