Dread SumARR 2019 Update (1.17)

Summarr is here!

The Dread “Summarr Event” update is released (1.17)
Fight against a Pirate Ship on a bomb filled island. Clear out the bombs and destroy the ship!

New event map: Sweeper Island

The pirates have trapped you on an artificial island. The only way to get out is by beating minesweeper with your teammates

Once you beat minesweeper, you have to destroy a pirate ship that’s shooting cannons at your island, as well as sending smaller boats filled with zombies and creating tsunamis
Destroying the ship will give you 3000 D$ + 1500 XP

Join/leave notifications have been replaced with friend join/leave notifications

This was done in order to remove unnecessary clutter from the chat. Join notifications are now green, while leave notifications are now red.

Data System improved

More data failsafes added in order to improve player experience.
If you “bounce” (Join and immediately exit) your data won’t be corrupted.
If your data doesn’t load, the game will load default data and will NEVER save it for this session, Also added a notification in the chat when this does happen.

Other improvements:

  • Changed Grenade explosion range: 16 studs → 21 studs
    • Full damage range remains the same (10 studs)
  • Hard attacking an enemy with fists will now stun it for 2 seconds
  • Server update notifications are now a more standard green
  • Anti-spam message changed
    • Before: You are sending messages too quickly! Take a deep breath and try again.
    • After: You are sending messages too quickly! Calm down and try again later.
  • XP Boosters fixed. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Starter pack bug fixed. I literally put a . instead of a : and I didn’t know for a long time why it didn’t work. Again, sorry for the inconvenience
  • Health bar rounding changed from floor to ceiling
    • This means that even if you have 0.1 HP, it will show 1 HP instead of 0 HP now
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