Dreaded Watchmen devlog

I based the ui off of a hybrid of this old ui:

and this one’s tool’s list (sorry for bad image, reddit is blocked in my country):

Personally, i think the ui looks great, classic and with my own twist on it. But, i will change the tool list as it doesnt look as great as the others eventually. Im still unsure of the Player List however.


i put the bars in the corner for the tools to go to the center (doesnt look centered because i didnt screenshot the full image) I think it fits well and is better off in the corner


actually, ill be using this topic for game updates from now on. Still dont know what to call it yet. Anyone have any suggestions?

The game is like a combination of intruder’s free roam, with a security room where gameplay is a combination of fnaf security cameras, and just a basic hiding system like in doors. It is a coop game. It wont be hardcore (for the 80% of normal players), but i want it to be a challenge somehow and require teamwork…

I wont be spoiling the entire game (and its specific mechanics), im gonna keep uploading its early stages. And im gonna stop when im later on in development. (after some game testers play it, and i get a builder on)


after doing a bit of changing. Tools should be ready for coop. What i did notice is that the topbar is higher than the coreui. This wasnt the case in studio because of the new ui change (that i dislike) I think im ready to move onto ai, hiding and the more complicated stuff like sanity being more than just it drains slowly when outside the security room. But 1 of those factors will be cameras so i need to add cameras and such. Then ill try to piece together a map with objectives some are optional which can be ignored (but shouldnt) and a few are required to complete the map. And the game should be relatively optimized because theres not much to render, just basic parts. I still will optimize a bit of the code but i think itll be fine. And, somehow come up with a way to continue and connect the story from 1 map to the other (it will be a bit of a pain) But, something i can manage to script, and develop at my current skill…

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but, should I change it so when you hold a tool, the tool will be lighter than the rest or when you hold a tool. The tool becomes darker like what i did?

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I think making it more lighter than the rest is the best bet.


Im thinking of naming this game: “Dreaded Watchmen” What do yall think?
It makes lots of sense for this game as you play as a watchman in a variety of different buildings and facilities

I placed the stats up on the leaderboards to make the game more mobile friendly. Also made the backpack system work on mobile but dont have a stamina button yet. Still need some inspiration from somewhere

prototype ui for the cameras based on fnaf cameras. But I need my friend to build the map, then i can make a sketch of it in inkscape and start building it. Then ill make cameras work, ill make the sanity system for now

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