Dream Deception: Credits & Attributions

Development Team & Contributors
@RUPPYI Creator, UI, Modeling, Programmer
@Vitrox Lead Programmer
@alpaca2720 UI, Modeling, Programmer
@zeyrox Logo (Doesn’t have Dev Forum)
@Synatized Programmer

Creative Commons Attributions
Sound Tracks & Sound Effects
Roblox: (Docudrama Ambient - Roblox)
Written Permission allowed to be used in game: from White Bat Audio: (White Bat Audio - YouTube)

Modeling Sources
Roblox Forest Pack: (Forest Pack - Roblox)
All other assets were created by RUPPYI, Proof is available on YouTube & Tik Tock with development progress on Dream Deception.

Twitter: (https://twitter.com/HourOfTerror)
Group: (Hour Of Terror - Roblox)
YouTube: (RUPPYI - YouTube)