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My Dream Project which i’m currently working on which will be open source when done.

Source Code Information (READ)

Problems with the source code is it being hard coded into whatever i make. for more information read:

Hard Coded Scripts

This game will have hard coded scripts that will need to be somewhat rescripted to be used in your project.

However if i do end up making a lot of money and can take more time out of the project i will be going through and revamping scripts

This just means you can grab the script and change a few settings and then it will work for your project!


Big Warning when it comes to issues in the scripts, i’m not a 100% professional scripter which means bugs will happen in your games.

Movement system might have some issues when removing or moving around parts of the movement system due to them needing to all be together in order for it to work.

Okay onto what my Dream Project even is. Its a shooter game with puzzles. (I know very original)

However it will be following a story line, i won’t be just putting all the story into the game that someone who’s not looking for it will find.


This section might be removed when the game gets it’s first lunch

Looking at book titles,
Book Title

Reading a book when you interact with it,

Cut Scenes,

Death Messages,

Reading Labels,

And maybe even clues around the map

None of these will be really in the game. and images of the map will not be completely be the same.

I’m open to ideas around maps, puzzles, enemy’s, gun balance and guns, new ideas for gameplay, and some cutscene and maybe a little lore import (Credit will be given)

Also i’m planning on hiring a team at some point to help finish the game and add a few other details to make the game better. Help is very much appreciated and i will give credit for anyone welling to help in some issues i’m having!

Updates and New Stuff

Update 1.0.1 | Lighting Update | → Previous Version 1.0.0 | Unnamed |

Log 1:

Lighting and some better visual quality update. Lets just cut to it so first thing i changed is the lighting so now it looks like this:

also Glass overhaul! now it distorts itself (Currently fixing the lights)

The elevator is still not done and i’m currently waiting to fix and update the movement system. After the movement system overhaul or inbetween it i will be finishing up the elevator.

Also news on the map, more of it is completed thanks to Edgy working on the map.

Here is the layout:


More Coming soon…

Elevator Features | Not completed

By: Unown_Death

  • Numbers now change based on the current elevator floor.
  • Sounds such as clicking the button to call the elevator now works.
  • Arrows Now Display if the elevator is going up or down.

Number Change


Chapter 1

Episode 1

By Edgy(Mikebesleepy)

This is the current Spawn area for Chapter 1 Episode 1. Currently doesn’t have much detail… however Edgy is still adding more into the spawn area to make it more better visually

New Images

Outside Spawn

Old Images

Outside Spawn

Placed Items

Table - Map

Light  - Map

As for the story of the game i have about [76%] worked out so far. Mostly map details and some cutscenes. However for characters it will need to be more worked on, currently i have a few characters in mind beside the player.

Current Characters

[Nelia, Named by: OminousDeveloper] - A black girl that will help the player in many ways and will appear in later chapters. The main goal of this character is to get some schematics that will have a big role down the line.

[???, Named by: ???] - A white male that will help the player in some areas that Nelia cant. The main goal of this character is to get out of the [Facility?]. He will have some big parts here and their but not much down the line.

[Number 0] - HTTP 405

[Player] - A Unknown Figure that has no detail as of yet has a black body and has no idea what his face is. so he views his face as a square. He doesn’t know where he is, Doesn’t know what’s happening and has a very big role down the line and in-between chapters.

[Failure] - A explosive robot friend. He loves saying Failure at every mistake you make he also loves to just follow the player and has some good parts later down the line. Hes only task is to explode the player however he cant but who cares hes a robot.

[Polly, Named by: OminousDeveloper] - A little robot who follows the player around and just likes to talk for no reason. Maybe he might slip up and shed some light on the backstory of this place? who knows. He walks slow and he helps the player by going in small areas that the player cant go into.

Feel free to give names that might fit the characters!


[Heavy] - This enemy has the ability to Ram into a straight line for a limited amount of time, unless a wall gets hit. However if the player gets hit, the player will be stuck until he slows down or hits a wall dealing a lot of damage.

[Defective - Name might change] - This enemy is a robot. It found out that it not a human and is in fact a robot and that its whole life has been just a big lie. They will try to keep himself from harms way and doesn’t have an ability. However will still try to kill the player.

[Super Defective - Name due to change] - This enemy is like a [Defective] however doesn’t care for it’s body and will run towards the player even if that means crashing into walls damaging itself.

[Death Trap - Name due to change] - This enemy will be blind and in the dark areas. Not gonna tell anymore!

Have a suggestion for a enemy please tell me and ill look at it

Key Card names and details

For this part i want your help! using this formating please create your own card information for me to add into the game (credited of course)

Calyx S. Created by: Unown_Death
Level 1,
Role: Robotic Researcher,
ID: 13659-47820-25194,
Story Important: Yes

Cassian R. Created by: Unown_Death
Level 3,
Role: Power Management,
ID: 87413-26059-39147,
Story Important: No

Lyra C. Created by: Unown_Death
Level 6,
Role: Robotic Tester,
ID: 43678-90152-35764,
Story Important: Yes

Will add more please give some ideas for some

Please tell me if there is anymore i can add or any ideas for this project!
Same with changes to some stuff i will be happy to know

Should i make a demo game and release it? (More like a testing place thing to test game functions)
  • Yes
  • No

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I have some names for the characters in the story.

Black girl: Nelia

Tiny robot: Polly

White male: josh


Sounds nice!
i will add it into the game thank you!