Dream house under the stars

Hey all, this is something to add to my portfolio and as you know from the title, it’s my dream house under the stars. What do you think? Anything you would suggest improving? Would you like interior pics?

It doesn’t seem like you are able to see the stars on mobile.

I can’t tell what is going on here, it’s too dark. Could you get some interior pictures, or pictures with better lighting, thanks.

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pretty sure theres no stars if that is what you meant by your title, but it looks cool so far…doesn’t look like a house tho

Here are the pictures:

I meant stars by flaming balls of nucellar fusion in the sky, I think you have to expand the picture to see them. As for your second comment, it is supposed to be a tiny house, or mobile home.

yea other than that, it looks pretty good

Looks good! I like how cosy it all is, seems like it contains all the basics required for living. Solar panels are a clever idea, bed nicely positioned too, good job!