Dreamscape ~ Game Rules

                          DreamScape Game Rules

Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape. This document will explain the rules required to be followed inside of our facility.

#1 Please abide by Roblox TOS. Failure to abide may result in a ban or other moderate action given by our moderators.

#2 Be respectful to other players playing the game and don’t start arguments. Starting an argument can lead you into trouble.

#3 No spamming. Spamming will get you warned which can lead to a ban from the game.

#4 Requesting inappropriate music is strictly prohibited and will get your ability to request music revoked and the possibility of a permanent ban!

#5 Exploiting is strictly prohibited. If you are caught exploiting, you WILL get permanently banned.

#6 If you ever get confronted by a staff member, do not argue. If you feel you are being treated incorrectly, contact a Head of Staff.

#7 Alt accounts are not allowed and can lead to a ban if caught on one.

#8 Impersonation of any staff members will result in an instant ban from all Stylus games.

Finally, please use common sense while playing. We want all players to have fun without any hassle. If you think something is wrong, do not do it because it most likely is!