Drifting Away; Feedback & Suggestions

Oh ok, the lighting has changed a bit now, as it is now daylight, but I might consider adding a day night cycle. Do you think that’s a good idea?


Yes, I do think it’s a good idea! Many players (including me) like the day/night cycle and things that are realistic: Day/Night clock, Real-life elements, mechanics from RP, cozy games, etc. (I hope you understand what I mean.)


Will do that, we are also making some sort of hostile creature to add a survival element to the game.


Survival element is really good!

Make sure to add a sense of teamwork and socialization to make it more engaging.

Does anyone want to join and build something?

im ingame right now.

Day/Night system is done:

it gets really dark in the night, but thats because the monsters come out then, like this spider we have been working on:

any suggestions for how long the day/night is?

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Honestly, I am rather disappointed that you got rid of the islands. That was the one feature that I think made it different than the other 1000 survival games. Still looks good though.

Yea, its a shame, but the islands were just really difficult to develop on and i think we can make it more enjoyable with it being flat and everything.

Another option might be to add an extra dimension to the map by adding the islands floating above the rest of the map, and they are like the next level that you need to get to or something.