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As an interviewer your guide is to help interview interviewees who are interested in working at Drinker. This guide will help you understand what to do in an interview session.

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How to Announce An Interview Session at Drinker’s Discord Server:

  • To announce an interview, training, or shift in Drinker’s Discord server you must contain the ‘Administrator’ tag or above to use the bot’s commands for announcing.*

On #SESSIONS, you can use the command ‘!announce’ and…
[INTERVIEW]: A session will be hosted on [DATE AND TIME]. Please enter the interview hub when the session’s timing is near. Thank you!

Please fill in the date and time, put this in the group shout too.

Group Shout Format(s)
When using this you MUST fill in the words in ‘[]’
[★] An interview session is being hosted by [USERNAME] at [TIME AND TIMEZONE]. Why don’t you come to have a new career path ahead of you? :butterfly:

[☆] Unfortunately, the interview session has started. Why don’t you cool down with ice cream? :icecream:

[:heart:] We apologize due to this inconvenience, the session has been delayed. Do not worry, we will hopefully be getting a new one. :crossed_fingers:

[:heart:] The interview scheduled has ended. We appreciate everyone who came today. We congratulate the passers as well. :clap:
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A host’s job in an interview session is to guide and instruct certain rules or aspects of a session. To find the procedure, see Guide to Hosting.

Guide to Hosting
Are you stuck hosting interview sessions? This guide is designed for others to get an idea of what to expect or for general help.

The first thing you should do is getting everyone settled. Before starting the interview session you must make sure everyone is sitting down patiently on their seats (not assigned). People may chat with their peers beside them. Once the session is starting make sure to slock it using the command, “:slock”, this prevents people joining after the interview session has begun.

Make sure no one is talking once you begin, after you begin locking the server make sure to also use a hint, saying, “:h :warning: PTS (Permission To Speak) is permitted you cannot speak unless someone has granted you permission to do so.” After all, this is completed, now you can begin your session.

How To Begin Hosting a Session
After you made sure you locked the server and done all that is above, now we can begin our session! How do I begin a session?

Use a greeting, to become more professional and approachable to your interviewees. Using a greeting with an emoji is a huge + because it can seem a bit unprofessional, however, it would make the environment more suitable for the interviewee.

“Hello, welcome to your 9 PM interview session hosted by BLUEGL0SS and my colleagues and co-workers. :sparkles:

Rules for Sessions
This section will talk about all the rules you will have to announce whilst in the session.
All messages will be stated with: sm or: m

[1] Grammar is required in and out of the center, if you are found acting unprofessional and not using grammar as a staff member you will be demoted.

[2] Please be respectful to your staff members and your peers, it can hurt their feelings. Disrespect in any way, shape, or form is not tolerated at Drinker.

[3] Follow all the instructions instructed to you by your interviewer or host.

[4] We do not tolerate any type of foul language. If caught doing so, you will be fired immediately.

[5] Please dress up in formal attire, please do not dress up in silly costumes. Or any “meme” costume.

[6] Please do not complain in the group wall if you did not accomplish passing this, try better next time, you’ll always get used to this.

Now let’s get ready for this interview session!
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[Senior Barista+ are allowed to interview]
An interviewer helps interview interviewees who are willing to have a future career in Drinker.

As someone is sitting down you can use: :view random or go to a random person to interview.

You must have a formal greeting or something that is welcoming. At Drinker, we always value our customers. An example of a good, welcoming greeting can be:

Greetings, my name is BLUEGL0SS and I will be your interviewer today. Now please follow me while I sit you down to one of our chairs. :cupcake:

It is imperative you demonstrate that everyone should follow all Drinker guidelines, as well as Roblox, and all other services Drinker uses. You can say, “Drinker does not allow anyone to break any of Discord, Twitter, and Roblox’s TOS. Depending on the rule broken, you can get terminated from Drinker.

You can even restate the rules the host has provided earlier.


[1] Why would you want to work with Drinker?
[2] Do you handle stress well?
[3] What does being a Barista mean for you?
[4] What are your goals in Drinker?
[5] How would you describe yourself?
[6] Have you ever had previous experiences with this position before?

If they have 3 or more grammatical errors you must fail them and notify them.

Written by BLUEGL0SS
Edited by Potatomad123

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