Drive Along (open world project on roblox)

Hello fellow developers,
I’m coolcostupit and I’ve been working on an open world project for roblox for 4 years +. I have now opened a topic to get my game popular. Feedback and updates will now be announced here.

I changed a lot of things and reprogrammed half of the game

  • I found out about the roblox content streaming api, there was just one problem and that was: half of the game was played through the player’s client, so the game was fairly easily exploitable. After I rewrote all local scripts, I wrote several algorithms that simplify the sending of server packets to the client.

  • I wrote a so called plugin module which is useful for the server as well as the client

  • I made many other modules or plugins for the homemade pluginloader: VehicleSpawner+ , CollisionAcollator, NetwordThreating, ServerAdmin, DatastoreStar, DirectNodesHandler, PathModule (A* for the navi system), NaviPlugin, CamPlugin and many more.

  • I’ve organized everything nicely into folders and made it as easy to configure as possible

and after all the changes, i came up with the idea of making a so-called placeholder for the game with all base systems but without the map and quite undetailed, so just for testing.

current options for my game:

  • minimap system which can show visuals to the route

  • bloxburg based building system

  • car buying, selling and tuning system

  • inverse kynematics , for the steering wheel system and more

  • realistic roads and collision system for cars

  • Jobs:
    Gas Station Cashier
    Pizza delivery
    And more coming soong…

  • food and hunger system

  • Restaurants with cashier system

  • Gas stations with refueling and cashier system

  • Radio system

  • Loading screen system (Pre loads road nodes and waits for any datastore to be loaded)

So if anyone wants to play it (please be as honest as possible with feedback I won’t deny any criticism):

Drive Along link

Alpha gameplay (short)