Driving a better Vehicle Camera

Like @rogeriodec_games said, setting a camera’s CFrame is not working anymore, and even in baseplates it is throwing back an error to some module related to his update? Is Roblox going to fix this?


Is there a way to disable the automatic panning with a script? It could be useful for train games where you want to see all the detail that’s on the front but in only 2 seconds your camera reverts to behind your character


Haven’t tested but it could be the reason.

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Looks good, but I’m curious why there’s no roll to the camera? I understand the body’s normal inclination is to keep our heads level on roll, but at some point that would not be possible (e.g. taking a 60° bank at high-speed).


Looks like I am encountering a bug with camera bug now.

When I jump out of a vehicle seat while holding S, I am automatically locked into shift lock for some reason. I can use my mouse wheel to zoom in and out and quickly fix this problem, but it so bugging that it is a thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am using A-Chassis 6.52 shown in the video, and this is the place that I recorded the bug on, though it looks like it’s universal for me:

The video demonstration is right here:

Can we have a fix on this matter if we can please? Thank you!



This update is causing the following message to be spammed in my output console when the player joins the game, and it’s super annoying:

I had to fork the PlayerModule and insert a little debug information to find the traceback for this:

(line numbers are shifted up 1 because of my debug statement)

I have my “CameraType” set to “Scriptable” through my own scripts; setting the CameraType to Scriptable and then updating the value of CameraSubject is all you need to reproduce this.

It seems to go through this line, with a FFlag related to this new vehicle camera, and tries to activate a default camera module based on the CameraType:

Since the CameraType is Scriptable (and there is no current active camera module), it doesn’t select any new camera module to activate, and then complains about it:

Please fix this. I hate having random output for something that’s not my fault.


The new first person camera is REALLY good, but the third person camera is flat out just bad. Why does it move when we’re holding down right click?

edit: Wow, you guys fixed it! We can now hold right click for as long as we want with the new vehicle camera. THANK YOU!!


I like this update, the only thing I would recommend is a button if you want first person or third person.

if the vehicle camera wrangling forwards when it stops moving wasn’t bad enough now it’s wrangling itself to forward at all times and you are powerless to stop it

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Would there be any way I could use scripting to allow players to flick between a vehicle-centred and avatar-centred view via keybinds etc? The default system feels really weird to use due to its being half one, half the other.

Please consider giving devs an option to turn this off. I really dislike this new camera.


I like the first person camera and don’t speak for everybody but the rest of this is absolutely horrible, what ‘immersive’ game are you gonna create with this? Autorotate simulator? If anything there should be a way to disable this either in properties or game settings, or At least make it so that the camera doesn’t autorotate even when holding down right mouse button


The new camera has potential, but its currently not any good.

In my oppinion what should change is, he camera should NEVER autorotate, you want the driver to have controll instead of the camera. Second he camera should only rotate when the car has completely turned, the other way, only when going fast, to sort of keep the car in the view and not have the player feel disoriented. The camera SHOULD however smoothly track the car, but still say in the position the user has chosen. Take the fortnite car camera for example, it feels SUPER RESPONSIVE and yet still gives the driver enough freedom to move it however they would like.

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Maybe add an option to zoom out of the current vehicle steering? It is a lot harder to steer when the camera is angled like that.


Any update on when studio will be updated? Some of these fixes were updated in-game in some games, but they don’t seem to be in studio.
Running studio version 0.458.1.415373


I own a racing league. Everyone has been complaining about the new camera, including myself. It makes driving in 3rd person harder than it was before. Sometimes when the vehicle flips, the camera just starts glitching around. I see that many people would like to be able to toggle the camera and I 100% agree with that! There should still be the older version available from camera settings (like there already are cameras - fixed, follow, scriptable etc.)


Many developers are not liking this new update, and many players are blaming the developers of games for the “bad camera”.

Personally, the camera makes me feel dizzy, and it has many other downsides.
I hope Roblox makes this something that can be enabled/disabled instead of forcing it.


This is great but at the same time a bit annoying.

I came up with a big brain idea to fix this however.

So basically you would have a customizable setting in the settings menu where you could toggle the camera behavior between old and new.

You could also add a keybind along side the settings menu option for easier toggling. But please don’t make the keybind overlap with other commonly used keybinds

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Thats just extra code to support and 2 pretty bad cams. Id suggest them to improve the current new camera, by disabling the camera locking back to the default position completely, and making the movement smoother and more responsive.

The followings bug fixes are live:

  • Camera no longer rotates when the arrow keys are down in cars.
  • Camera no longer auto-rotate when RMB is pressed.
  • Camera zoom is fixed in invisicam mode.

We’ll keep monitoring this thread for feedback. We’re not currently looking for a way to turn this on and off right now – if you turn it off you’ll have the avatar camera, which doesn’t work well with vehicles.

Autorotate is important from a user experience perspective - younger players (especially on mobile) depend on having the camera return to a centered view.

We’re open to use cases for configuring autocorrect or letting devs turn it on/off. Feel free to set up a new feature request thread.

The fixes are live today, so let me know if you see further issues.