Driving a better Vehicle Camera

Please give us the option to use the “old” vehicle camera! I have noticed the new one does not fit in for a few types of games and can cause some scripts to not work/ unintended features.

This has broken many games like people are saying, and I really wish Roblox made this an “enable/disable” feature from the start.


That would only make things worse because it would interfere with many games UIs.

The fact that the player camera centers around the vehicle’s bounding sphere is probably okay for cars, but it could make it difficult to see in larger vehicles like buses or trains where the front of the vehicle is too far in front of the camera. Also, the auto tilt feature is a bit slow to respond and not very effective when a vehicle is driving on bumpy ground / going up and down hills constantly. It also glitches when a vehicle is vertical. I have found this a problem in my boat game, where when the boat sinks and ends up facing directly up/down, it is impossible to control the camera properly. I’ve also noticed that the camera also glitches in confined spaces for example when driving in a tunnel (especially in longer vehicles). I personally don’t like having the camera auto-rotate in 1st person. It’s most annoying for when you are trying to drive a vehicle backwards and it keeps rotating to face forwards. I can’t wait for the customisation features to come out so I can disable it all.


I posted in another thread about this but I’ll echo it here, since the arrow key fix, I noticed that the default zoom level was changed further out. (or maybe it was already doing that with the arrow key issue and I was too distracted by the arrow key issue to notice the new zoom out). Anyway, it seems to far out for my taste. Now every time I get in and out of the car I have to zoom back in manually. My 2 cents.


pics of
Normal zoom level:

sit in car:

jump out of car(have to zoom back in to resume normal play):

On pc this is a quick spin of the scroll wheel, on mobile this might get tedious pinching to zoom?

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I’m pretty sure when you step into the car it auto-follows (camera) and sets it into a certain POV (not sure if you can change it), but when you step out of the car it exits the auto-follow.


(out of the car, no camera following)

(In the car)

Is that your game? Is it a vehicle seat using the default camera? I have a vehicle with a custom camera that behaves as your screenshots, but generic vehicle seat (classname: VehicleSeat) vehicles with no custom cams zoom out, but do not revert back to zoomed in mode when out of the seat and out of following mode.

EDIT: I realized what was happening here, and it was my own fault not studio. I had a transparent GUI element covering the entire screen, which of course was causing all the problems I listed. Once I removed that, everything worked fine.

I started getting the “ActivateCameraController did not select a module” a few days ago in my game when I was scripting a cutscene, but I didn’t see an easy fix and it didn’t seem to be bothering anything so I let it go.
Fast forward to last night, a few hours after I finished reworking my cutscene to use bezier curves instead of tweens, everything had been working fine and I moved on to other parts of my game. I had not done anything else to change the camera but when I went to test before bed after my cutscene I had no mouse control over the camera. I was able to use left/right directional keys to pan, but I had no zoom or any other control. I tried messing with my scripts, changing the camera types around and setting and resetting the control but nothing fixed it. I even took out the CameraSubject assignment that caused the warning and it still locked the camera.
On top of that, it seems like it also did something to the mouse hit detection I was using in another script. Instead of being tied to the mouse location, using a clickdetector and .MouseClick, .MouseHoverEnter and .MouseHoverLeave, it seems to now be tied to a set distance in front of the player’s character that only changes with player movement.
I have no idea what happened or what to do to try to fix it, and I’ve been banging my head against the wall for hours now. Any idea what’s going on?

Yo, can anyone link me a topic or so on how to make a similar looking speedometer as included in the video on the bottom? It’s not straight, it’s curved and I wanted to learn how to make that.

Yes, It is my game but and yes, I am using the default camera although I added a camera plug-in (camera view) and I’m not sure if that affects the camera view. Usually it is like that, it auto follows for you when you step into the car.

If you are using some sort of camera plug-in I would think its type = scriptable

I’ve encountered a bug where shift lock is sometimes enabled when I exit a vehicle seat. However, this happens on mobile (iPad) and I have to zoom into 1st person to fix it

Uhm, if you look inside some of the A-Chassis cars, inside of the plug-ins folder or body folder, there might be a GUI or script of the speedometer. I’m not 100% how to use it but thats all the help I have for you so far.

Is there a fix coming for this new zoom based on vehicle size ‘feature’? Or does anyone know of a workaround? A way to trick the seat into thinking the vehicle is smaller? I’m getting tired of zooming in over and over, and over, every time I get out of something.

This change caused me to get a sudden spike in bug reports about weird vehicle camera behavior, especially in regards to several aircraft. A simple toggle to disable this would have been greatly appreciated.


I’ve noticed something that I’m assuming is a bug, but in first person, if you move your camera side to side it automatically goes back to front-facing, and if you hold right click it moves correctly without interference. I hope this isn’t intended, I don’t like it and it’s annoying to have to right-click if you’re already in first person.

Yes, that is part of the “new camera vehicle system”, but if you zoom out and stop the car, that shouldn’t happen.

how does the keybinds get messed up if you use the basic WASD?

First off, you replied to me about 2 months after my post

second of all, if you would have read the entire post, you would have understood the fact that this is for my game, not for the driveseat camera.

Just as I realized that for this new camera mechanic: driving on some of my vehicles I made, the camera is a little off to the left or right:

And others, is…well…centered.

Hi, thanks for this great feature! We would like to use it in our game.

However, one thing we noticed, was that using seat:sit(humanoid) in a script, rather than a localscript or sitting down, does not trigger the new camera behaviour.

We do not want to do the seating locally, for various reasons. Is there still a way to trigger the neat camera behaviour when seating players through a script?

Thanks for any help!!

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